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Hot pot of coffee on FML Friday

Giving thanks on FML Friday

Ah, Canadian Thanksgiving. A time where we apologize profusely to relatives. And strangers. Oh sorry, that’s every other day in Canada. Ah, Canadian Thanksgiving. A time where we thank friends, relatives and our lucky stars. Because this place… This place is less bad than all the other places. Well, most of them, anyhow. Other people’s […]

Life’s a beach on FML Friday

Nothing beats a day at the beach. Oh, except all of the things that could possibly go wrong at the beach. Which, in the cases of the FMLers below, is all of the things. Seriously, you won’t believe the messed up situations these people land themselves in. Actually, in this case, it seems to be their […]

Boyfriends, girlfriends and FMLs

Relationships, right, people? I mean, what more is there to say? So onerous are relationships that the popular social network Facebook includes “it’s complicated” among users relationships statuses. Fucked up, I know. OK, so we all know relationships are complicated, and we’re at least a little bit familiar with the everyday, run-of-the-mill complications. However, the […]

Don’t be a dipshit. It’s FML Friday

Do you take this Anatidae to be your wife? Oh no. You married the female equivalent of a bro! What’s that called? A douchebag? Listen, I know this is really troubling. You’re going to have to explain that face to a lot of people when they see your wedding photos, your honeymoon photos and every […]

Mini-eggs, Nazis and FML

Few things are better than the end of a long week. But for many of us, myself included, this is the end of the sort week — all because hundreds of years ago, rather nice man was nailed to a tree. As a result, we celebrate his life and death by eating small eggs in […]