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A special kind of clip show | S04E17

The friend zone, Wildroses and transit | Edmonton Blog Watch

Last week, Mother Nature made her annual demonstration of who’s really in charge of our fair city: her. At least during the winter time. Movement through Edmonton was difficult earlier last week because of an unreal amount of snow that fell — making the city simultaneously beautiful and treacherous. But the weather sure didn’t stop […]

Arena drama, CERN, and a new podcast | Edmonton Blog Watch

Leaves fall to the ground. And Edmontonians continue to drop great content. See what I did there? Parallelisms. Of language. Yeah. Anyway, some newcomers on the scene this week, as well as some familiar storylines. If you know of any great things happening in the Edmonton blogo/podosphere, let me know about them using our handy submission form. Here’s […]