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New podcast, heterosexism and filling in for Hipster | Edmonton Blog Watch

The dangers of bananas on FML Friday

The banana: a simple, versatile fruit delicious on cereal or mashed into bread form. You can safely feed bananas to your toothless grandpa or place them on the floor to inflict hilarious physical tragedies upon friends and family. Yes, bananas are nature’s tasty crescent shaped miracle. They even prove the existence of God, says Hollywood […]

Pannekoeken, Oomax and the downtown arena | Edmonton Blog Watch

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, nevermind look. I’ve almost got all my shopping done, and have once again managed to not have a very stressful lead-up to the holidays. Having said that, there is one more work week before us, and I’m probably really tempting fate by saying “no worries.” But I digress. Last […]

Downtown, the suburbs, and birthdays | Edmonton Blog Watch

While the city really heated up over the weekend thanks to some meteorological phenomenon I wouldn’t be able to understand without the diligent tutelage of CTV’s Josh Classen, the Edmonton blogosphere likewise continues its heatwave of fantastic content. Remember: if you know of a post that should be included in the Edmonton Blog Watch, please use this handy […]

Inglorious Hipsters | S02E26

Welcome to our Season 2 Season Finale!! Truly, a finale that merits both bolds AND italics. In this episode, Scott and I chat with creators of the forthcoming web comic Inglorious Hipsters — Misters Gregg H Beever and Jeremy “Die” Die. We talk origins of their comic concept, which launches on July 4, the day […]