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Committing acts of journalism | S07E05

Paula-tics | S03E01

Welcome back, listeners, to a bright, new and shiny season of the Unknown Studio! [holds for applause.] We decided to kick off the season with a guest who barely needs an introduction. You might remember her from such newspapers as the Edmonton Journal. You may have even read some of her blog posts over at […]

The Unknown Studio @ Grant MacEwan University | S02E20.5

Last week, Scott and I were invited back to Grant MacEwan University by Archie McLean, chair of the school’s journalism program (we did an episode with one of Archie’s classes last year). Scott and I were eager to meet with a second-year class and chat with them about their class project and one of Edmonton’s […]

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The mayor of a small town in Texas has resigned after secretly keeping her neighbour’s Shih Tzu while pretending it had died. Neighbours had asked Alice Mayor Grace Saenz-Lopez to look after the dog, Puddles, during a holiday. She called them to say it was dead. But the dog, which Ms Saenz-Lopez had renamed Panchito, […]