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Vagueness and bad hair on FML Friday

Now on Saturday! It’s FML Friday!

Very few things are better than creating a long weekend out of nothing more than a vacation day, and Saturday and Sunday. That’s precisely what I did yesterday at the precise time of this writing. I took the day off. I even took the day off from writing FML Friday, which is why this one appears […]

FML, there’s no FML Friday today!

I know that by this time today, you can always count on an FML Friday — a brief series of cheap laughs from yours truly — to help get you through the week. But you’re not going to get that this week. And rather than apologize for neglecting to blog — as my friend John […]

Poor F-ing L-s: FML Friday

Centuries ago, man developed a quality wherein he (and she!) would feel pathetically sorry for their own lot in life. Back then, as brevity had not yet been invented, people were prone to saying, “Drat this cursed existence!” But DTCE didn’t really take off. Fortunately, DTCE was reinvented when Al Gore discovered what the ancient […]