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Election time! | S02E21

My life: the story so far

Please allow me a little self-indulgence. I’m feeling a little sentimental today… I’ve been blessed with unusual success in my life. Some of it has to do with luck. Some of it is because my parents (and let’s face it, my brothers too) knew when to crack the whip, and when to let me screw […]

A Twestival for the rest of us

Most people seem to have very strong feelings about Michael Flatley. Either they love him, and revere him as a sex god, or they hate him and would probably use his likeness for target practice, given the chance. But no matter what category you fit into, Riverdance-wise, there will definitely be something for you at […]

‘To the future!’ | Unknown Studio Birthday

This post marks the last installment in our birthday celebration series. We think after this, we’ll have done enough navel-gazing to last us for, oh, I don’t know, about another year. Until we hit S03E01. In this post, we speculate on the future of the show and its place in this fair city. And, because […]

The terrible twos: celebrating a local media gem

It’s not everyday someone turns two. You might even say it only happens once in a lifetime. And while most douchebag children get a chance to experience this milestone, it’s nothing but hard work, perseverance, sticktoitiveness, and other ridiculous made-up phrases and portmanteaux that allow a hyperlocal podcast to mark the occasion. Our colleagues from […]