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Being good at doing good | S05E09

Hot rum, the arena and the birds and the bees | Edmonton Blog Watch

This blog watch is late. I wasn’t feeling very hot today, and rather than bust my hump to get this live I decided to hold off, finesse it a bit and give it to you at a level of quality you all expect (and deserve). So rather than complain about the snowy weather (which is […]

‘No’, art spaces and Justin Trudeau | Edmonton Blog Watch

It felt like we got our first taste of the cold last week. August is winding down, and Edmontonians keep peeking at the leaves above their heads to make sure there aren’t many of them too eager to signal the approaching fall. But the bloggers of Edmonton are keeping their heads down and powering through, […]

Why Edmonton: an Essence of Edmonton update

A few weeks back, I issued a challenge to Edmontonians to write, shoot video or somehow try to articulate the essence of Edmonton, since we’re all so bad at it right now. Two weeks later, and we’ve got a few terrific submissions from passionate Edmontonians that I wanted to share with you. The first one […]