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Another ill-informed Oscar show | S06E09

The Ill-informed Oscar Show | S05E07

People love talking about movies — whether they’re according-to-Hoyle qualified to or not. And we’re no different. But Scott and I aren’t going to deign to talk movies on our own, oh no! In this episode, we chat Oscars with Mark Jowett, Gregg Beever, and Erin Bourne — variously regulars on the Inglorious Hipsters podcast […]

Oscar, meet Jay n J | S03E11

What do you get when you put 4 movie buffs 2 movie buffs who host a local movie podcast, and 2 fair-weather movie two who also host a podcast, and often talk about movies on it in a room together? You get this episode! Joining us for our annual Oscar show are Jordan and Jay from the Jay ‘n […]

Oscar-citement! | S02E17

Welcome to our second annual Oscar Extravaganza! Scott and I had so much fun chatting with our guests — Ashley Wiebe and Gregg Beever — that we were loathe to cut a whole lot out of this episode… So it’s pretty long (almost two hours)! But we have some great discussions in there, as well […]