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Love and food in audio form | S07E03

Podcast over Pints | S05E04

There’s nothing like having a chat with your pals over bottomless pints at the local watering hole. In fact, it’s such a fun time that it’s the concept for Adam McGale’s podcast “The Pub.” The 12-episode podcast series just wrapped up its first season, so Scott and I invited Adam into the Unknown Studio to chat […]

Our forthcoming season

Scott and I met for lunch the other day to discuss the forthcoming season of the Unknown Studio — our third since we launched this puppy back in June 2009. Originally, we’d agreed to take a short summer hiatus. That has turned into a full-on summer vacation from our beloved podcast. There are several contributing […]

Podcasting ain’t no thang

Except that podcasting IS, in fact, a “thang.” Scott and I have been wrangling this here podcast for almost two years now. And the results have been, to my mind, astonishing. I know we talk an awful lot about it, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. And we’ve hit yet […]

Democratizing Media | S02E12

Welcome to the twelfth episode of our second season. This is a very special episode of the show, because it kind of forced Scott and I to do things a little different. Some months back, we were invited by Archie McLean, the chair of the journalism program at Grant MacEwan University, to come into his […]