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Life’s a beach on FML Friday

The Unknown Studio just got sexier

Back in February, which seems like ages ago at this point, Scott and I were hemming and hawing about what kind of guest to have on the show. We wanted someone interesting and somewhat edgy, who wasn’t going to talk about love and all the silly mushy stuff. Because who wants to hear that on […]

[FML Friday]: Epic Fails

The Friday before a long weekend is always tough. No one wants to be at work — in fact, some people take this Friday off. Like everyone in my office. But I’m not going to leave you, dear reader. I wouldn’t dream of it. Because I’m a robot and robots don’t dream. Besides, if I’m […]

FML Friday – hellooooo New Year!

We’re back from the holidays with the first edition of FML Friday for 2010. And let’s make one thing perfectly clear here: it’s pronounced twenty-ten. Say it any other way, and not only are you wasting people’s time reading needless syllables, but you sound like a robot. And not the awesome “butler” kind of robot […]