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2013 Social Media Predictions

Dancing in the Rockies

Occasionally, I’ll come across a piece of content that requires very little explanation or background, but since I’m a words guy, I’ll explain it anyway. This afternoon, my roommate shared a YouTube video with me. In the mountain town of Jasper, the Jasper Sustainability Club for Youth recently organized a flash-mob dance-party that rocked down […]

Hail to the Mayor

A while back I wrote an article about foursquare talking about how it was a great tool for getting to know your city. For those of you new to the party, I’ll explain. foursquare is an online game that takes place in your city. You get points every time you check in somewhere. Add a […]

Episode the Eleventh: On hyperlocal websites and how they fit into local media

Since June 2009, Edmonton has had the benefit of a great local resource to information on just about anything you can think of — from festivals to concerts to art shows to political issues and discussions, TheEdmontonian.com launched with a mind to try and bring topics of interest to citizens in a conversational, interesting way.