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A Live, Very Podcast-y Variety Show | S06E16

Stranger than science fiction with David Gerrold | S06E04

Scott and I are fortunate to be invited to the Pure Spec Festival each year. We’re usually brought in to interview the literary guest of honour. This year, we were delighted to interview renowned author David Gerrold. You may recognize him as the author of many science fiction novels, series and even television episodes. We spend an hour with David, […]

Exploration for the sake of it

Anyone who’s listened to even one of the Unknown Studio podcasts will probably be familiar with my fondness — bordering on near obsession — for all things Star Trek. It started when I was nine years old, and my friend’s dad was watching an episode of The Next Generation when I was over there playing. […]

The Character Assassin: Benjamin Sisko

In honour of our recent rundown of our favourite science fiction television shows, it seems fitting that this latest edition of The Character Assassin should take aim at a target drawn from the list. With that in mind, we delve into the political leanings of a man who is a soldier, a father and looks […]