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Hey Edmonton, what are you making? | S04E13

Hot rum, the arena and the birds and the bees | Edmonton Blog Watch

This blog watch is late. I wasn’t feeling very hot today, and rather than bust my hump to get this live I decided to hold off, finesse it a bit and give it to you at a level of quality you all expect (and deserve). So rather than complain about the snowy weather (which is […]

Political rebrands, senior care and the arena | Edmonton Blog Watch

There was a ton of great and/or interesting stories in the media last week, a whole pile of which saw some interesting coverage from local bloggers. It’s a bit of a mixed bag for sure, but there was definite potential for a whole cast of characters to be branded “news makers” last week — and […]

Arena drama, CERN, and a new podcast | Edmonton Blog Watch

Leaves fall to the ground. And Edmontonians continue to drop great content. See what I did there? Parallelisms. Of language. Yeah. Anyway, some newcomers on the scene this week, as well as some familiar storylines. If you know of any great things happening in the Edmonton blogo/podosphere, let me know about them using our handy submission form. Here’s […]