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Summer zombies

Beers, zombies and prizes!

You’re probably sitting there right now, wondering just what on earth you’re going to do with yourself this Sunday night. Because gods know there’s no football this weekend. You have to wait for that Superbowl you so desperately want to watch. In the meantime, the thing that should be on your mind is that sweet, […]

Beers and Zombies

It’s no secret that Adam and I are fans of zombies. Or, for that matter, that the circle we run in are fans of zombies. Zombies crop up in conversation with us almost as much as Star Trek does – and that’s saying something. It even came up in our most recent episode, where we […]

From V to Z

I read an interesting tidbit in the Hollywood Reporter that said: “[…] [C]ould zombies be making a run — or, perhaps, a very slow, clumsy walk — at the pop culture crown?” As a huge fan of the zombie genre, I would like to believe this to be true, but I’m not going to just […]